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You can now get home delivery of peak-season fruit & vegetables, ultra-fresh milk, top-quality meat, chef-prepared meals, heavy cases of beverages and your favorite household and personal care items. How much does delivery cost? | Learn More Click to Learn More

Daily Freshness Ratings
Our food experts rate all our produce and
seafood every morning, so you'll always
know what's the best and in season.
See how our team selects the best produce.
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
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Custom-Cut Meats
Food made to order
From the thickness of your steaks
to the grind of your coffee, we
prepare your order to perfection.

Fresh Baked Daily
We've cornered the market on artisanal breads and pastries, handcrafted
everyday by our own bakers. Pop our baguettes or croissants in your oven
and the scent will remind you that hand-made is better.
Delicious Breads

Healthy & Delish
Shop online from our broad selection of organic
and all-natural products as well as fresh dairy
and meat that's raised without antibiotics.
Local Farmers, Less Travel Time
Visit your own private online farmers' market! We cut out the middleman and pass on the freshness and savings directly to you.
Local Fruit

Cool meals for kids
Each one of these delicious meals has
a complete serving of vegetables and
provides great sources of the vitamins
and nutrients kids need!
Easy Meals for You
Let our expert chefs give a hand with
freshly-made, restaurant-quality entrees
and sides, wholesome meals for kids and
irresistible party platters.
Delicious Chef-Made Meals

Fresh Groceries
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More Value Every DaySave
Our online sales circular, "Fresh Deals" brings you up to 50% off groceries every week. Get yours by email or at our website.
Buy Big & Save
We deliver hundreds of groceries by the case and multipack, including beverages, Tide®, Bounty®, Charmin®, diapers, pet food and coffee.
Cases of Snacks and Beverages

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