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"Not only would I recommend you to friends, but I have talked you people up to virtually everyone I know in New York. You guys are the best invention since ice cream!" - Rosina, Upper East Side

"You blow the (non-existent) competition out of the East River!" - Adrienne, Ridgewood

"Thanks for being a terrific service that has allowed me to eat better, cook better and spend less time running out for groceries and household products!" - Teresa, Forest Hills

"My orders are on time, and the food is of excellent quality. I would be miserable if I had to move to a neighborhood that did not have FreshDirect!" - Kristiana, Astoria

"Easily the best shopping experience in NYC. There is nothing more valuable than time and you guys really save a lot of that for me." - Sandra, Upper West Side

"I feel like saluting when I see one of your trucks go by. You are doing a great job!" - Steven, Kew Gardens

"If it weren't for you, I would never have any food in the house at all -- and I own a restaurant." - Robert, Williamsburg

"Excellent! I feel like I've been given new life!" - Cathy, Whitestone

"I've gotten really fond of the bread there, because nothing beats fresh bread with dinner. It's a real quality of life improvement." - Jen, Greenpoint

"FreshDirect is just great. The quality and price of meat, vegetables and fruits is outstanding." - Alvin, Brooklyn Heights

"Finally New Yorkers are able to purchase quality food at fair prices! You have brought cooking back into my home -- thanks!" - Lilla, Upper West Side

"Convenience, high product quality and great customer service make us very pleased FreshDirect customers." - Marc, Bayside

"...the quality of the food is extraordinary, besting even the produce at the frou-frou foodie stores, and coming in cheaper than the local ghetto mart's square, hard tomatoes." - Anil, East Village

"This is really a great service. I hate to go to the grocery store -- it's such a crowded hassle in NYC. The quality of your produce and meat is far superior to anything I get on the UWS." - Andrew, Upper West Side

"I never ate veggies till I ordered from you. My lettuce lasted for two weeks." - Dena, Upper East Side

"I continue to be impressed with the quality of merchandise from FreshDirect and have become quite the reference -- You make me look good!" - Russel, Carroll Gardens

"I am so happy that you provide a two-hour window for delivery. It makes it so much easier to plan the million other errands life has in store!" - Suna, Hillcrest

"Your service is very convenient for us. It allows us to focus on the more fun things in life and not have to spend time in line and in traffic." - Riccardo, Astoria

"I think my family eats healthier food with FreshDirect. Plus you have easy, quick dinner options that are healthier than take out (and cheaper.)" - Veronica, Park Slope

"FreshDirect has truly made a difference in our food purchasing. Ordering late at night is the key ingredient as it is the only time I can sit down and focus. (We have twin toddlers ruling our house right now.)" - Elaine, Tribeca

"Love your service. A dream come true. Have lost 20 pounds so far eating fresh vegetables, fruit and fish that are difficult to find and gather after work and on the weekends in crummy NYC stores. FreshDirect takes the drudgery out of shopping in NYC. It's so easy. Detailed ingredients and nutrition information makes it easy to shop for my gluten-free, caesin-free 5-year-old son." - Melinda, Rego Park

"FreshDirect has, in fact, changed my life. Since I started ordering, I actually have food around the house, I've found about two hours extra time in my week, and I've somehow saved money on groceries. All that and I can do my food shopping in my pajamas." - Jason, Lower East Side

"FreshDirect is a revelation! It is by far the best thing about the internet. No more lugging groceries, no more outrageous prices, no more daily trips to the grocery store because I cannot buy in bulk. FreshDirect is the best thing to happen to New York City since rent control!" - Aja, Prospect Heights

"FreshDirect is so convenient, the prices are very reasonable, and the quality of the food is great (I was particularly impressed with the quality of the seafood). The delivery people were polite and courteous (a real rarity for NYC). Who would think a luxury like having groceries delivered would actually be cheaper than the hassle of going to an overcrowded store, or the same price as working at a coop." - Mellini, Boerum Hill

"I am overall very pleased with the service and can't imagine going back into a food store. A few weeks ago, I did and was taken aback by the long lines at the check out, the traffic in the aisles and the much higher prices. I always buy strawberries, they were $2 more at the supermarket. I walked away without buying a thing." - Dee, Chelsea

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