Zaro's Family Bakery Challah Sandwich Bread

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17.7oz, 22 slices ea
Zaro's Family Bakery Challah Sandwich Bread
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Contains Soy, Contains Wheat, Contains Eggs

A Zaro's Family traditional recipe of braided egg dough. Zaro's Challah Sandwich Bread is baked to perfection and topped with egg wash for a beautiful glossy golden-brown finish. Perfectly sliced for extra indulgence. It's great for sandwiches, toast etc. and makes an excellent French toast. Handmade with all natural and non-gmo ingredients. No added colors, preservatives or flavors. Zaro's Family Bakery is an iconic family-owned, New York City-founded bakery with 14 locations throughout New York City and New Jersey. The first Zaro's bakery was opened in the Bronx in 1927 by Joseph Zaro, a Jewish immigrant from Poland. Today the fourth generation of the Zaro family runs the business and serves over 3 million customers a year. Using time honored family recipes and top-quality ingredients & craftsmanship - Zaro's has been serving authentic New York baked goods for almost 100 years. (from Zaro's Family Bakery)