Healthy Habits

Is your New Year's resolution to eat better and feel better too? We've gathered our favorite recipes and tips for living your best (and most delicious) life.

  • Running Hydration

    Tips For Fueling Before, During & After a Run

    At FreshDirect, we know that food is fuel and an important part of any fitness routine. Ahead of this weekend’s TCS New York City Marathon, we asked private brands merchant Francesca D. for her top recommendations…

  • Food Prep Those Sunday Scaries Away

    By now I’m sure you’ve heard the words “meal prep” and either thrive off the challenge or roll your eyes and go back to binge-watching the TV show of the moment. I think Sunday…

  • Vegan Edamame Cilantro Dip

    This refreshing dip from our friend Elia Wolberger at @FeedYourSister is packed with plant-based protein and perfect with crackers, crudité, or even on your favorite sandwich.

  • The Family Meal

    What’s for dinner? A famous line in every home, right? But more important than what’s for dinner is how are we eating dinner. Sitting down for family dinners is something that only 30% of American families do daily, but the research…