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Italy's favorite Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes to America
The history of Monini goes back to the beginning of the past century. For three generations, the Monini family has been selecting the highest quality olives and olive mills in Italy in respect of the best olive growing traditions.

Today, Monini brings to the US a line of outstanding oils from olives both grown and processed in Italy. Click on a bottle below to learn more.

Our flagship Originale Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal for all uses from cooking to salad dressing.

The popular "Fruttato" variety is less filtered, with a richer olive taste. It is irreplaceable on bruschetta, salads and raw vegetables.

OilBios is produced only from organically grown olives. It makes an ideal condiment for fish, white meats and vegetables.

Amabile D.O.P. Umbria Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a vintage bouquet and is a perfect condiment for game, grilled meat and vegetable soups.

"Il Monello" is produced from the first harvested olives in the south of Italy. Like a Beaujolais Nouveau, it is a precious speciality to be enjoyed in season.

Once you've discovered the joys of true Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, take the next step by learning the industry's Sensory Vocabulary and develop your palate with Monini's 6 steps to tasting olive oil.

To share our love and passion for extra virgin olive oil, offering a superior quality product with an unmistakable, consistent taste.

We are convinced that the goods things are the only ones that are recognised and remain in time.

This is our Mission.