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The Environment

Our continued efforts to improve our carbon footprint serve to empower our ability to offer our quality, fresh, healthy and delicious food to a wide-ranging network of consumers in a responsible way. Being green matters and we'll continue to take strides in the right direction.

Green Deliveries

The Wall Street Journal reported that our green delivery time slot is "an eco-friendly innovation but it also has the effect of grouping deliveries for more efficiency."

As customers complete their grocery orders online they can often view delivery schedules in their neighborhoods and choose a compatible slot, making sensible delivery options that benefit their busy lives and lessen our ecological footprint at the same time.

Eco-Friendly Timeslots chart
Photo of a FreshDirect truck

Electric Trucks

Even our transportation fleet is going green. To start rolling in the right direction, we've already purchased ten electric vehicles from Bronx-based company Smith Electric. We expect our trucks to be 100 percent green within the next five years.

Responsibly Sourced Packaging

FreshDirect uses boxes that are 100% recyclable and made with more than 85% post-consumer waste, too. We also use 100% recycled and recyclable "corrugated mesh" to ship egg cartons — that way, eggs arrive looking like eggs, not omelets.

Our Cheese and Bakery departments use boxes made of 100% recycled paper that use at least 35% post-consumer reclaimed paper. Our freezer bags are made from 30% post-industrial recycled resin and are 100% recyclable, so they're strong and can be easily reused for household chores.

Our shipping boxes are manufactured by a company that is certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) program, and the boxes carry the SFI label. The SFI certified sourcing label is proof that the boxes use fiber from responsible and legal sources; they demonstrate our support for improved forestry practices and strong communities across North America.

Logo of Sustainable Forestry Initiative and a photo of FreshDirect box

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