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Food Values

The first step to making sure FreshDirect gets the best-looking, best-tasting fruit, veggies and artisanal food was to grow real relationships with dedicated farmers. We can get preferred foods fresh from the source, and deliver them to you.

Our sourcing expert David McInerney works with a variety of farms and makes friends along the way. Whether traveling to find the select items or supporting the local economy (we work with more than 60 local farms and artisans), one thing is for sure: we're always on the hunt to find the freshest, tastiest food for our customers.

Direct Sourcing

Supporting local farms and making personal connections with growers helps make our food taste better. In this clip, the FreshDirect produce team visits Altobelli Family Farms in Kinderhook, NY.

Love and Care

FreshDirect's meat experts visit Flying Pigs Farms to showcase how Mike Yezzi and his family raise their rare-breed pigs in the most humane way possible.


Join FreshDirect's David McInerney and Eric Stone as they discover the secret to a bigger and better blueberry.


Straight to the source of the world's most delicious — and most sustainable — fish, FreshDirect sets off on an Alaskan adventure.

Go behind the scenes on our international shrimping expedition to Patagonia as David McInerney and Jeff Ludwin verify the quality of the product as well as the low bycatch.

Taste Crusade

Watch FreshDirect Co-Founder David McInerney speak at the TEDx Manhattan conference, "Changing the Way We Eat." He discusses the fundamental flaw in our food system, which forces our farmers to grow food for transport rather than taste, and calls on retailers and consumers to help change the broken food cycle and join in his taste crusade.

Exclusive Items

We carry many exclusive items and private label products. These heritage chickens, for example, can only be found at FreshDirect.

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