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Grocery Delivery in Manhattan

No more schleps in the city! FreshDirect delivers groceries to all of Manhattan so order online today for grocery delivery tomorrow–at a time that suits your schedule. It's all your favorite food delivered!

Get meals delivered with just a few clicks! We know you're crazy busy, but we also know you love making and eating fresh, great-tasting food. Our in-house chefs have you covered with simple everyday dinner shortcuts and mouthwatering 4-Minute Meals and Sides in a Snap.

How about them apples...and oranges and carrots and spinach? Our just-picked fruit and vegetables (with local and organic options) are tasted and rated daily by our produce experts to help you find the season's best. Eating seasonally means you'll always eat the cream of the current crop.

There's nothing like grilling a piece of fresh fish or cooking up a juicy piece of steak. Our exceptional meat and insanely fresh seafood are sourced from near and far just to delight and inspire you.

Hosting a meeting or event? Check out our catering department for surefire crowd-pleasing apps, snacks, and sweets. We'll do all the hard work and you take the credit (because that's the way we like it). All of your Manhattan catering needs have never been so easily solved.

Did you know that we deliver to offices and business locations in all of Manhattan? With FreshDirect At The Office you can make sure the office fridge and pantry are always fully stocked with healthy office snacks.

Bottles of wine are heavy. But oh so delicious! We've sourced the best bottles from local wineries and vineyards from around the world and we'll deliver them right to your door. Whatever your budget, and whatever the occasion, you'll find what you're looking for at FreshDirect Wines & Spirits. We've got all your favorite beers too. Check out our extensive collection of internationally renowned brews and local craft ales. Cheers!

We like to keep things in the family around here, so we work with local farmers, artisans, and small businesses to bring you the very best of the Big Apple:

Image of 'Dana's Bakery' logo and to right of the logo are some Macarons with a variety of color.

Dana's Bakery

At her celebrated New York City bakery located in the heart of the West Village, Dana Loia creates traditional French macarons with an all-American twist. Our favorite is the peanut butter and jelly – one is never enough.

Image of 'Siggi's' logo and to right of the logo is a spoon and a bowl of yogurt topped with blueberries and sliced strawberries.


Siggi's Dairy was born in 2004 when Siggi Hilmarsson began making traditional Icelandic-style yogurt (skyr) in his small New York City kitchen. So popular was Siggi's deliciously creamy skyr that before long he quit his day job and moved production to a full-scale dairy plant in Upstate, New York. Still local, always delicious.

Image of 'il laboratorio del gelato' logo and to right of the logo is ice cream in a glass bowl and there is a spoon to right of the bowl.

il laboratorio del gelato

Founded in 2002, il laboratorio del gelato is an artisanal, micro ice cream factory located in Manhattan's Lower East Side. Experience intense flavors packed with the passion of Italy.

Image of 'Macaron Cafe' logo and to the right of the logo are some Macarons with a variety of color.

MacarOn Café

The delicious and colorful macarons from the MacarOn Café are so authentic you'll be transported to the streets of Paris with one bite. We couldn't decide which flavor we liked best, so we stock the variety pack. Bon appétit!

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

New Yorkers need their morning cup o' Joe, and this artisanal roaster has been supplying quality blends to Manhattan for almost twenty years. Their only criteria is quality, and we're on board with that.