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Choosing from the hundreds of delicious cuts we carry can be a little overwhelming. Whether you are looking for the absolute best prime steak, the best value, or want to try something new, let our experts help guide you.

Butcher's Top 10 Picks

Our butcher has hand-selected 10 house favorites, which include a mix of our new and exclusive items, hidden gems, and all-time favorites. To find out more about why we picked these specific items, click here.

Our Favorite Steaks

Whether you want a decadent prime steak, a better-for-you grass-fed alternative, or just a great everyday steak, we've got you covered.

Featured Program: 100% Grass-Fed Local Beef

FreshDirect's 100% Grass-Fed Local Beef program is made up of a group of family-owned farms in the northeast that strictly follow a humane and sustainable agricultural model. The herd is raised without hormones or antibiotics and is exclusively grass-fed, which means they're never given grain or corn. This not only benefits the farmer, the animals, and the environment, but also the consumer, as genuine, grass-fed cattle results in meat that's leaner, more tender, more flavorful, and remarkably juicy. Shop All Grass-Fed Beef.

Featured Program: 100% Grass-Fed Local Lamb

FreshDirect's 100% Grass-Fed Lamb program is a collaborative effort with Drew Lewis of Brother's Ridge Farm in Tioga County, NY. The lambs are 100% grass-fed and rotationally grazed on open pasture without the use of antibiotics, added hormones, or animal byproducts. In winter months, lambs are fed additional grass bailage. A variety of wool and hair breeds are used to produce the best quality lambs. This collaboration allows FreshDirect to offer the most delicious, healthy, humanely and sustainably raised lamb directly from our local region. Shop All Grass-Fed Lamb.
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