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Most roasts are ideal for braising — especially the tougher, fattier kind.


All types of ribs can be braised. Large slabs can be finished on a grill or in a broiler.


Succulent bone-in shanks are terrific for braising — they're high in collagen, which produces a rich, full-bodied sauce. When browning, work in small batches to form an even crust on each piece before adding cooking liquid.

Bone-In Poultry

Braising is especially good for sturdier mature chickens (also called fowl), game birds, and turkey legs. Their flavorful meat makes for an intensified sauce.


Ground meat is best for braising when formed into meatballs. Whether Swedish-style or Italian-style, meatballs become moist and tender when browned a little and then simmered gently in sauce.

London Broil