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Steaks & Chops

Because of their thickness, lower the heat after the initial browning to prevent them from burning.

Cutlets, Strips, & Kabobs

Small and tender, these cuts usually take only a minute or two of sautéing. Cook the first side until just browned, the second side only briefly. Many-sided kabobs tumble easily around the hot skillet, becoming crusty on the outside and moist on the inside.

Specialty Meats

Packed with flavor, with very little connective tissue, these meats stay moist and tender when you sauté them quickly and gently.


Sautéing is the quickest way to turn ground meat into browned, juicy burgers and meatballs. Gently pack the meat with your hands for the most tender results.


There are thousands of ways to sauté poultry. Unlike other sautés, poultry is often covered after browning and cooked with a little liquid over a low heat until just tender. Although this produces a texture similar to braising, it's a sauté all the same: fast and easy.