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Shanks & Bone-In Stews

Shanks and other bone-centered meat make for strong, flavorful stews.

Boneless Stew Meat

Boneless stew meat stands up well to robust flavors. Use a flavorful stock or hard-hitting red wine for straightforward boldness of flavor.

Specialty Parts

Smoked or fresh ham hocks add a hearty flavor to stews, especially those containing beans. Stewing is the method for tripe and tongue, which need the long, slow simmering to tenderize them.


Bone-in poultry parts make a great main ingredient in stews. Their bones add intense flavor to the liquid, and the meat will be tender and juicy after long, slow cooking.


Stewed ground meat is the foundation of some American family favorites, such as spaghetti with meat sauce, tacos, and chili.