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olio novello is back!

Celebrate the first harvest and press of the season with Olio Novello, an olive oil made from olives picked off the tree early for their intense flavor. Our experts traveled to Sicily to hand-pick our custom blend with our friends at Manfredi Barbera, making a flavor combination you won't find anywhere else. Watch the video to find out how it's made and what makes it so special.

First-Press-Of-The-Season Olio Novello

Olive Oil & Vinegar

Our Just FreshDirect olive oil is a special blend, custom-made for us by our friend and master blender Manfredi Barbera. Our imported Italian vinegars come from northern Italy. All of our balsamic vinegars are free of the impurities and artificial additives found in similar products.

Authentic Pasta Sauce

Our sauce is imported from Italy and has 100% whole-peeled Italian tomatoes, pure olive oil, fresh basil, and aromatic seasonings. Combine Just FreshDirect Pasta Sauce with our Artisan or Everyday Pasta and a delicious dinner can be yours fast.

Artisan Organic Pasta

Our organic artisan pasta is handcrafted in Italy by Tarall'Oro, a specialty pasta house dedicated to the historic tradition of pasta production. It's made from only the finest durum wheat and slow dried without using an industrial process. Light in color from air drying, this pasta has a toothy texture when cooked, which allows sauces to better adhere to the noodles.

Everyday Organic Pasta

Our Just FreshDirect organic pasta is produced by Andalini, a family-run pasta manufacturer located in Cento, Northern Italy. The Andalini's blend Old World techniques — such as using bronze dies — with modern production methods, making it the perfect staple to keep on hand for dinner emergencies.


Our Just FreshDirect imported Italian tomatoes are grown with love on the fourth-generation Andolfo family farm in the Campania and Puglia regions of Italy. These tomatoes go from field to can within 12 hours.

Sparkling Water

Our Just FreshDirect mineral water comes from a natural source in northeastern Italy. Discovered 2,300 years ago, Galvanina's legendary source produces an ideal balance of minerals for water that's naturally crisp and purely refreshing.
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