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Responsibly Farmed Seafood

Sustainable Farm-Raised Salmon

Located in the pristine, icy waters of Antarctica, Sixty South salmon is sustained completely free of antibiotics, hormones, and chemicals. They're recognized as one of the few producers worldwide addressing the most pressing environmental and social impacts of aquaculture.

Land-Based Farmed Seafood

Land-based farms ensure greater controls on each aspect of a fish's maturity, from hatchery to harvest, while eliminating the challenges traditionally associated with ocean-based farms.

Naturally Raised Mangrove Shrimp

Raised in the lush mangroves of Vietnam, these shrimp live and feed naturally until harvest, free from human intervention, sustaining both the environment and local farming communities.

Farm-Raised Oysters and Mussels

Oysters and Mussels feed off the nutrients and natural organisms naturally found in their habitat. They can filter up to 100 gallons of water per hour, positively contributing to the health of their ecosystem.
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