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Staff's Top 5 Picks

Our in-house experts have hand-selected their top 5 picks, including a mix of best value and new items, as well as all-time faves.

Great for the Grill

Feeling a little burgered and hot-dogged out? Try these great chicken items for the grill.

No-Fail Roast Chicken

Marinated and ready-to-cook, these spatchcocked chickens make the ultimate no-fail roast chicken. (Spatchcock means that the bird has been split open and flattened ready-to-cook.) It will cook fast, stay juicy, and brown evenly in a hot oven or on your grill. But the best part is all that delicious crispy skin!

Quicker Chicken Dinner - Peanut Lemongrass Chicken Bánh Mì Recipe

For a quicker, better-for-you version of bánh mì, grill up your favorite cut of chicken (we recommend the quick-cooking thin-sliced). As the chicken grills, pick some cilantro leaves, grate a small carrot, and cut your baguette. Assemble the sandwich with all the ingredients, and add a generous drizzle of Haven's Kitchen Peanut Lemongrass. Winner, winner, chicken bánh mì dinner.
  • Organic Cilantro
    Rating 4 out of 5
    approx. 4oz
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    FreshDirect Frozen
    French Baguette
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