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1. Enter your food innovation by clicking "Submit your idea."
2. FreshDirect will announce finalists in November.
3. Finalists crowdfund their ideas on FreshDirect's RocketHub.com page.
4. One Grand Prize winner and two runners-up will be chosen based on factors
including money raised, crowdfunder engagement and idea quality.
Geoff Bartakovics, CEO, Tasting Table
Natasha Case, CEO, Coolhaus
Sarah Copeland, Food Director, Real Simple
John Craven, Founder, BevNet
David McInerney, Co-Founder, FreshDirect
Viraj Puri, Co-Founder & CEO, Gotham Greens
Have questions? Click here to email RocketHub.
Click here for contest terms and conditions.
$10,000 to fund the winning idea and
the chance to partner with FreshDirect!
Two runners-up will receive $2,500 each
to help fund their businesses.
• Delicious new food product
• Farm or garden innovation
• Food-focused community project
• Food-related business idea
• Must-have kitchen item

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