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Fish Fillets

Broiling is an excellent alternative for delicate fillets that won't survive grilling. Slash the skin diagonally in several places to keep the fish from curling.

Fish Steaks

If you can grill it, you can broil it. Any steak, anytime.

Ready to Cook

Cakes, burgers, stuffed clams, and Coquilles St. Jacques are ideal for broiling. Make sure to thaw before popping them in the broiler.


Scallops are the best shellfish for broiling, but you can also use lobsters, skewered shrimp, and even clams and oysters on the half shell.

Whole Fish

You can broil any small whole fish that fits comfortably in your broiler (about 2 pounds is usually the maximum). Pinprick the skin to prevent the fish from blistering.