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Staff Picks

Check out some of our favorite wine and spirits curated by our in-house experts, Nicole and Rodolphe.

Classic Whites

We sampled hundreds of exceptional white wines from around the world, and carefully hand-selected the best for you. If you love the classics from California, New Zealand, and France, then you won't be disappointed.

Unique Whites

In the mood for something a little different? Discover one of these delicious and unique whites — they're all staff favorites around the office — and make for fantastically flavorful pairings.

Sparkling and Rosé

There's never a bad time for bubbles or rosé. Both pair well with a variety of foods, and when hosting or heading to a party, any one of these fun bubblies or pink picks are guaranteed to impress.

Supple Reds

These supple, juicy reds are soft and easy drinking, and pair well with lighter fare such as fish, chicken, and pork.

Bold and Beautiful Reds

If you like bigger, richer reds, these five wines definitely pack more punch. They shine best when accompanied by a hearty meal or hard cheeses.

Discover Your Spirit Animal

There are so many spirits out there just waiting for you to try! Here's a short list of fun stuff that we're sipping and mixing right now. Pro tip: Try Montauk Rum for a killer Dark and Stormy.
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