Luckily, FreshDirect makes it possible to order with confidence. Everything is at your fingertips with features like an easy-to-use search bar, browse-able categories, curated recommendations, save-able shopping lists, and convenient reordering tools. You'll also discover that using a grocery delivery service has many advantages, like fast grocery delivery or even free grocery delivery thanks to programs like DeliveryPass.

Even so, it can feel overwhelming to shop from such a vast online selection. To that end, we've put together this list of FreshDirect grocery essentials and necessities that you should always add to your cart.

1. Breakfast Foods

At FreshDirect, we have great breakfast options for delivery that'll help you fit in the most important meal of the day, even when you're on the go. Whether you prefer traditional staples like toast, orange juice, and cereal or want to try something new, we've got it. We even carry a selection of prepared breakfasts like oats, yogurt parfaits, and boiled eggs that you can take anywhere.

Try These Breakfast Foods:

2. Healthy Proteins

Protein is essential for your overall health. Our meat section has a wide array of fresh and prepped lean options, like chicken and turkey, to help you get your fill. Our seafood selection is also unbeatable, with high-quality choices like salmon and shellfish. And if you keep a plant-based diet, we have many great meat alternatives and vegetarian proteins, too.

Try These Proteins:

3. Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

You've heard it before: eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. It can be a challenge, but you'll find it's much easier when you have great produce to choose from. And you can expect only the highest quality from FreshDirect because we work with farms to source the very best, plus our experts rate our produce daily so you can see what's tastiest and freshest.

Try This Produce:

4. Milk, Yogurt & Dairy

In addition to being a good source of calcium, dairy will help you round out your diet. From milk for adding to cereal, coffee, and tea to yogurt for mornings or a snack, it's hard to imagine a day without it. And if you prefer plant-based alternatives, FreshDirect has a huge variety, so you're guaranteed to find exactly what fits your preference.

Try These Dairy Items:

5. Oil & Condiments

They're easy to overlook, but oils and condiments are essential to cooking and you should always have them in your pantry. Stock up on everyday oils for sautéing, frying, roasting, and grilling as well as fine olive oils for dressing salads and garnishing. And for adding instant flavor to dishes, you'll always want to keep some sauces and condiments in reach.

Try These Pantry Items:

6. Pasta & Grains

Pasta and grains are the backbone of every pantry and make it easy to complete a meal. The Just FreshDirect line of made-in-Italy pastas features great quality for price and should be your go-to for pasta night. And with grain staples like rice, couscous, and quinoa, you'll always have the start of a recipe on hand.

Try These Pastas & Grains:

7. Easy Meal Solutions

Whether you just need a little help getting dinner on the table or want to give yourself the night off, FreshDirect offers a big selection of satisfying options that take the work out of mealtime. From meal kits that let you explore new dishes to fully-prepared sides and entrées made in-house by our chefs, you'll find something that fits what you're looking for. And make sure to pick up some frozen items, like pizza and veggies, to keep in your freezer for an emergency.

Try These Easy Meals:

8. Wholesome Snacks

You know the drill: it's 3 o'clock, the munchies hit, and suddenly the vending machine is your best friend. You'll build healthier snacking habits by staying prepared with items like fruit, nuts, or one of the better-for-you options on our snacks page. Make sure to add them to your cart and you'll always be prepared for any cravings.

Try These Snacks:

9. Beverages

One of the best things about ordering groceries online is that you don't have to worry about lugging heavy items home from the store. So when it comes to beverages, let us bring everything to you and drink up! From still and sparkling water for staying hydrated to coffees, teas, and soft drinks for adding refreshment to your day, you'll find plenty of options for quenching your thirst.

Try These Beverages:

10. Home & Cleaning Supplies

FreshDirect has a big selection of supplies for cleaning and keeping your home fresh, including both name brands and earth-friendly options. When you get them delivered, staying ready for those unexpected messes suddenly feels a lot easier.

Try These Household Items:

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