If you're used to supermarkets, you might not have considered doing your grocery shopping online. But give it a try and you'll discover that it's a game-changer and there are plenty of reasons to order from an online grocery store. Not only is using a grocery shopping delivery service convenient, it's hands down the better choice when it comes to quality, selection, and price. And we'll tell you how you can get the best online grocery shopping experience by taking advantage of all that FreshDirect offers.

1. You can get perks like savings and free shipping

In addition to offering great values on many items, there are lots of opportunities to save big with FreshDirect. The Fresh Deals page has regularly-updated discounts on dozens of products. You can also order cases or bulk sizes and get more for less without fretting about getting it home from the store. And with a DeliveryPass subscription, you'll have unlimited free delivery and exclusive sales and perks. Bonus: since there's no junk food to tempt you at checkout, you can also cut down on those impulse buys.

2. It's easy to find exactly what you're looking for, and to discover new products

Our selection is organized for easy browsing on the website and mobile app, so everything you're looking for is right at your fingertips. There's no walking up and down every aisle or hunting down store employees to help you. You can just click and pick.

And if you are still asking "what's for dinner?" while browsing the FreshDirect website, we're happy to provide mealtime inspiration. You can browse curated lists on our homepage to see the items we recommend right now. Or you can head to our Top-Rated page to find the fruit, vegetables, and seafood that are currently in-season and at the peak of perfection. There are also lots of exclusive-to-FreshDirect products that will become your new favorites: our Just FreshDirect line features great-value, high-quality grocery essentials, plus we also craft hundreds of delicious prepared foods and baked goods in our kitchens.

3. Everything is fresh-picked, not picked over

FreshDirect's direct-sourcing model is optimized for delivering groceries at their freshest—our fruits and vegetables don't spend time sitting on a display shelf like they do at the store. Or getting picked up and squeezed by every person in town. We're obsessed with offering only the very best and have thought of everything to ensure that it reaches you at its freshest.

FreshDirect works directly with farmers and suppliers—not middlemen—to bring products from the source to our facilities in the shortest possible amount of time and then from our home to yours in as little as the same day. And throughout the entire journey, everything is kept in its ideal temperature-controlled climate, so what you receive is more pristine than anything you'll find in a store.

4. It's a HUGE time-saver

Long lines. Grumpy people. Spending too much time looking for that one particular item. Dealing with traffic, parking, or trekking back and forth. You usually encounter at least one of these problems when you shop at a supermarket. But with online grocery shopping delivery, they're all a thing of the past.

FreshDirect makes it possible for you to get your shopping done wherever, whenever and have it delivered around your schedule. Once you've selected items and created your order, you can choose the delivery window that works for you—there are options every day of the week, from early in the morning to late at night, with same-day service in many areas. Plus, when you don't have to carve out time for going to the store, you have more opportunities to just enjoy life.

5. Grocery shopping has never been simpler

In addition to all the time-saving benefits of grocery shopping online, there are many other ways that it can help you take control of your life. Within your FreshDirect account, you can create shopping lists so you never forget a thing, or reorder from past purchases and select your favorites quickly. Your order history also makes it easy to keep track of your grocery spending. Plus, since FreshDirect carries more than just food—there are categories like wines and spirits and household, pet, health, and beauty items—you don't have to shop twice to get all the products on your list.

By cutting out the store, there's just less to worry about, like lugging home bulky items or keeping your kids on their best behavior while you browse. And if your favorite way to shop is from the comfort of your couch (while wearing pajamas), FreshDirect is 100% a game-changer.

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