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FAQs About Bags

Can I keep my bags?

Yes. You can keep your bags at no cost and reuse or recycle them.

Can I recycle the bags?

Yes. You can return your bags to one of our crew members on your next delivery and we'll do it for you, or you can do it yourself, but you should always check your local recycling rules before putting anything out for collection.

Can the delivery person wait while I unpack so I can return the bags?

No. Unfortunately, the delivery person has to move on to their next delivery, but we can pick the bags up when we deliver your next order.

What if I don't return the bags?

That's fine. You can keep the bags at no charge. That's why we made them easily foldable for convenient storage!

Is everything delivered in bags now?

Almost everything. Our catering products, flowers, and large cases (for example, bottled water) will still come as they do today.

How do you keep my items from being damaged in the bags?

Every bag sits inside its own protective container, which will keep it protected throughout the entire delivery process, right up to your front door!

I have more questions about the bags. Where can I get answers?

You can contact our Customer Service specialists by visiting the Help page.