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Butcher's Top 5 Picks

Our butcher has hand-selected 5 house favorites, which include a mix of our new and exclusive items, hidden gems, and all-time favorites. To find out more about why we picked these specific items, click here.

Lean Beef Cuts

Certain cuts of beef can be as lean as chicken breast, and we've hand-selected the below because they qualify as USDA "lean protein." Beef is also a great food to fill up with on vitamins that can be hard to get enough of in a regular diet, like iron and zinc.

Lean Bison

Similar to most meats, bison is a good source of protein, zinc, iron, and vitamin B12, but it is slightly leaner than beef, so lower in fat and calories per serving.
  • $10.49/ea
  • $10.99/ea
  • $13.99/ea
  • Bison Steak Tips
    approx. 10oz
    2 for $16
  • $19.99/ea

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