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Nutritious Kids Snacks

Do you pack lunch or a snack for your kids every day? Here are some items our nutritionist Alicia recommends to keep your little ones happy, hydrated and full of healthy foods—you can throw these treats into that backpack! All items do not contain nuts* and require no refrigeration.

*Some items may be made in a facility that contains nuts, so check the ingredient section and packaging for facility disclaimers if your child has an allergy.

Fresh Produce

  • Seedless Pixie Tangerines
    Rating 4 out of 5
  • SAVE

    Honeycrisp Apples
    Rating 3 out of 5
    approx. 3lb bag
    $6.99/ea $8.99
  • Mini Seedless Cucumber Pack
    Rating 4 out of 5
    approx. 16oz
  • SAVE

    Baby Carrot Snack Packs
    Rating 3 out of 5
    6pk, 2oz ea
    $1.99/ea $2.49
  • Sunset
    Wild Wonders Tomatoes
    Rating 2.5 out of 5
    approx. 12oz
  • Washed Sugar Snap Peas
    Rating 3 out of 5
    approx. 8oz
  • Pomegranate Arils
    Rating 3 out of 5
    approx. 4.4oz

Protein-Packed Picks

Simple carbohydrate snacks like crackers or chips often leave kids over-carbed and hungry for more snacks FAST. Pairing those carbs with a protein can help satisfy and keep them fuller longer. I know, you're thinking that's too good to be true because snacking is their part-time job! Give it a try!

Pre-Packed Snacks

Whole-Grain Options

Active kids need to replenish their carbohydrates after a long day running around. Pair these with a protein for a more filling snack (see above). If you do have a nut-friendly home, check out the granola bars in our Grocery section—we've got lots of great options!

Hydrate Without Sugar

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