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Better Meat Sourcing

We asked our farm partners "what are you doing that has the greatest impact on the soil and the health of your animals?" Read their answers below and learn more about how they are making an impact via regenerative agriculture on our blog.

Grass-Fed Beef

"Beef cattle were designed by nature to keep grass green and growing through regenerative grazing. Every American-raised, 100% grass fed and finished beef animal, preserves a minimum of 4-acres of pastureland from being plowed for row crops. Per acre, healthy pastures saves a minimum of 12-tons of topsoil erosion annually, as well as keeps up to 108 lbs of run-off chemicals out of our lakes and streams vs. plowed acreage. Regenerative grazing naturally rebuilds soil health, and utilizes nature's natural resources to protect the environment for all."
- MacKenzie Waro, Livestock Manager for FreshDirect

Pasture-Raised Pork

"Our farmers use rotational grazing practices that directly benefit both the soil and the health of the animals. Animals are always able to reap the nutritional benefits of fresh pasture, and in turn help enrich the soil by promoting biodiversity and increasing soil water retention." - Jamie Ager, Owner & CEO of Hickory Nut Gap Meats

Pasture-Raised Lamb

"Rotational grazing has been a huge factor in the regeneration of our farm. The lambs get a higher quality, more consistent diet, while simultaneously distributing nutrients across every acre of the farm. This has brought about massive improvement to our soil health and species diversity." - Drew Lewis, Owner of Brothers Ridge Farm

Q Farms Pasture-Raised Chicken

"We go well beyond the practices of Free Range and Cage Free by moving our chickens to fresh pasture every day. This allows our chickens to express their natural instincts by enjoying a buffet of tasty bugs, seeds, and nutrient-dense grasses, all while putting down manure and responsibly fertilizing the soil. The end result is happy chickens, healthy regeneration of the soil, and a more nutritious and delicious product on your table!" - James Quella, Founder of Q Farms

Cooks Venture Pasture-Raised Chicken

"By breeding healthier, slower-growing chickens, we are able to support a more diverse feed system than mainstream breeds that have overtaken the poultry industry. This in turn supports American farmers to grow better crops that enrich their soil while also feeding our animals a more natural diet. Additionally, by giving our chickens year round pasture access, they grow into more active, healthier, and flavorful birds than mainstream chickens while also supporting sequestration of green house gasses." - Matt Wadiak, Founder of Cooks Venture
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