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    FreshDirect is proud to offer a range of sustainable seafood choices that are good for the oceans and good for your body.

    What is sustainable seafood?
    Sustainable seafood is ocean-friendly, and that means keeping our fish and oceans healthy so that there's enough fish to go around now and in the future, which is good for the planet and good for our bodies, too.

    To the planet, your palate and your health!
    Seafood offers high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids as well as essential vitamins and minerals that are important to staying healthy. Chefs also love seafood for its versatility and flavors. There are a lot of great reasons to eat more seafood, and we want to help guide choices that will be good for our customers and our planet.

    How does FreshDirect's Sustainable Seafood Program Work?

    FreshDirect appreciates and embraces its responsibility to the community to promote sustainable seafood and to encourage responsible fishing practices. We have built our program around five fundamental promises to our customers.

    1. Provide information you can trust.
    2. Source more sustainable fish.
    3. Clearly communicate sustainable choices.
    4. Help good guys finish first.
    5. Keep learning and evolving the program.

    1. Provide information you can trust.
        a. The majority of our sustainability information comes from the third-party, science-based organization Blue Ocean Institute.
        b. In addition, we rely on certification from major certifying organizations such as the Marine Stewardship Council and the Aquaculture Certification Council

    2. Source more sustainable fish.
        a. We are committed to sourcing more sustainable fish to improve and expand our seafood selection.
        b. To recommend sustainable seafood you'd like to see us carry, please drop us a line at: greenideas@freshdirect.com

    3. Clearly communicate sustainable choices.
        a. We want to make it easy for you to make informed choices. That's why you'll see color-coded fish icons throughout the seafood department that make it easy to see sustainability rankings at a glance.
        b. A legend is available at the bottom of the category page and the product page, as are links to a brief overview of how we determine sustainability rankings.
        c. For a more in-depth look at the program, we provide information on all our great partners in the Our Community section of the site, which is available from a direct link that's always at the bottom of each page.

    4. Help good guys finish first.
        a. We're committed to promoting sustainable seafood. Every week on President's Picks, our popular round-up of great food at lower prices, we'll feature a sustainable seafood choice.
        b. We stay up to date with movers and shakers in the sustainable seafood community, including the CleanFish Alliance, who promote artisanal seafood producers, and best-practice providers like Local Ocean and Australis who go above and beyond standard practices to make sure their seafood is sustainable. You can expect to see us promoting their good efforts.

    5. Keep learning and evolving the program.
        a. We will continue to monitor sustainable seafood issues and keep an open dialogue with sustainability experts to evolve our program as the issues evolve.
        b. Until the management and health of certain fish populations change for the better, we have decided to discontinue selling certain species altogether, including Atlantic halibut and orange roughy; and we stopped selling bluefin tuna a long time ago!

    Want to learn more? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions on sustainable seafood.

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