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    Zico Natural Coconut Water - 14oz

    This item is temporarily unavailable.

    ZICO bottles are made from a blend of coconut waters from around the world, naturally giving them 20% fewer calories per serving and slightly more sodium for optimum hydration and replenishment.

    ZICO Natural is 100% pure water from young coconuts. We hand-harvest our coconuts when the water inside reaches a peak level of potassium and the perfect balance of electrolytes. Captured 100% pure in this convenient, environmentally friendly package, ZICO is simply the best tasting and most nutritious coconut water this side of the tropics.

    ZICO Natural has more potassium than a banana, four other naturally occurring electrolytes, only 60 calories per 14 oz serving, and zero fat, zero added sugar and zero cholesterol. It is low in acidity and high in potent antioxidants. (from Zico)

    Nutrition, Ingredients, and Allergens


    Zico Natural Coconut Water

    Coconut & Aloe Water (38 items)
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    Jayone Aloe Drink, Mango
    Jayone Aloe Drink, Original
    Jayone Aloe Drink, Pineapple
    Jayone Aloe Drink, Pomegranate
    Roland Coconut Water
    Zico Chocolate Coconut Water

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    Jayone Aloe Drink, Mango - 16.9oz   
     $1.79  Add this item to a list
    Jayone Aloe Drink, Original - 16.9oz   
     $1.79  Add this item to a list
    Jayone Aloe Drink, Pineapple - 16.9oz   
     $1.79  Add this item to a list
    Jayone Aloe Drink, Pomegranate - 16.9oz   
     $1.79  Add this item to a list
    Roland Coconut Water - 11.8oz   
     $1.69  Add this item to a list
    Zico Chocolate Coconut Water - 14oz   
     $1.99  Add this item to a list

    Zico Mango Coconut Water
    Zico Natural Coconut Water

    Quantity Brand/Item Kosher Price    List     Buy  
    Zico Mango Coconut Water - NA Not Available
    Zico Natural Coconut Water - NA Not Available

    Coconut & Aloe Water (38 items)
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