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    Click on a producer link to learn more. Our local producers offer some of the best foods in their genres. Just click on a "learn more" link, a producer's logo or one of the links at the left to find out more about these special products and the way they're made.

    How do we choose the local partner farms, dairies, fisheries and artisans in our Local Market? We're glad you asked!

    Location, Location, Location. FreshDirect's local products are, of course, local. Only products raised, fished or made within 300 miles of New York City make the list. Shop for seafood and produce from the East End of Long Island, wine from the vineyards of the Finger Lakes region, artisanal cheeses from the dairy farms of the Hudson Valley and much more.

    Only the Finest Will Do. All the delicious produce, meat, dairy products and specialty goods in the FreshDirect Local Market come straight from the farm or facility where they're made. We ensure every apple, carrot and fish fillet is expert-checked for quality and backed up by our Freshness Guarantee. Your food would only be fresher if you grew it yourself!

    We Think Small. We seek out family-owned farms and businesses with small production runs. This makes it easier for them to keep a watchful eye on the quality of their products, and greater control for them means fresh, delicious products for you.

    To Your Health! Our local producers are committed to providing delicious, healthful foods. None of our local products include corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors or colors of any kind.

    Better for the Planet. Our Local Department emphasizes foods produced with ecologically-friendly methods. Our local fish comes from dayboats, not trawlers; our local eggs come from pasture-raised chickens; our local farmers embrace integrated pest management whenever possible (think: less spraying, more ladybugs). And local means that fewer fossil fuels are used to transport the food to your table.

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