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    Fresh Cut Pasta Jarred & Packaged Sauce Shellfish 4-Minute Meals
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    Stuffed Pasta Gluten-Free Pasta & Sauce Olives, Capers & Antipasti
    FreshDirect Pasta Sauce & Meatballs Grating & Fresh Cheeses Oils & Vinegar
    Whole-Grain & High-Fiber Pasta Sausages, Pancetta & Ground Meat Pasta from Our Kitchen

    Presto Italiano
    Our expert kitchen presents luscious new Italian comfort cuisine classics. Indulge in tender pasta, slow-cooked sauces and superior meat and vegetables. Fragrant, mouthwatering, deliriously delicious... All you need is a few minutes and a microwave. Click here to learn more.

    Starch Sides in a Snap
    Delicious pastas in our convenient steam packages.
    Only at FreshDirect.
    Sides in a Snap Spaghetti
    Sides in a Snap Whole Wheat Fusilli
    based on 2 customer reviews
    Sides in a Snap
    based on 1 customer reviews
    Sides in a Snap
    Whole Wheat Fusilli

    Fresh ingredients & a special steam system.

    4-Minute Meals: MANAGER

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