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Okunomatsu Tokubetsu Junmai

The term tokubetsu refers to any sake that enjoys some special touch or attention during the brewing process. This can mean anything from further rice polishing or a special strain of yeast, to cooler fermentation or additional bottle-aging — it always varies from brewery to brewery. One thing is consistent: tokubetsus tend to be more interesting and complex sips when compared to a given breweries basic junmai. Founded in the early 1800s, the Okunomatsu brewery has won scores of awards for sakes such as this ethereal sip that somehow manages to be both savory, unctuous, seemingly-sweet and dry all at once. Delicious served with a slight chill, it really struts its stuff after being mildly warmed and served with tonkatsu or roast pork loin.

Bona Fide Great Flavor Pairings
Roasted pork loin, fried fish/chicken/beef, grilled/pan seared fish, oily sashimi, fried onions

Flavors to Avoid
Beef stews, oysters, ceviche, enchiladas, pizza, tomato-based pasta sauces
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