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FreshDirect - Coffee Vending
At the Office
Fresh Coffee, Brewed by the Cup

You already know FreshDirect as the convenient and competitively-priced way to stock your office kitchen. We are now delighted to introduce our single-cup coffee service. It's one-stop shopping for all your workplace's beverage, break room, and catering needs — efficient, cost-effective, and delicious.

Our single-cup coffee machines use our own FreshDirect coffee pods, featuring a variety of high-quality, handpicked green beans roasted to perfection. Like to perk up at your desk with a nice breakfast blend? Rise and shine. Cutting back on caffeine? Stay jitter-free with water-pressed decaf. Enjoy saving the planet as you sip? Try our intensely flavored organic brew. Prefer a strong, smooth French roast? Mais oui!
  FreshDirect Coffee for the Office
Convenience and variety aren't the only reasons to sign up for our coffee service. Using FreshDirect is:
  • Better for your bottom line. Our pods are 33 cents each as opposed to our competitors' 45 cents each.* That's means every cup of coffee brewed using our product costs you almost 27% less.
  • Better for the earth. Our coffee pods are biodegradable — unlike our competitors'. In 2009 alone, over 1.6 billion non-recyclable coffee pods were sold — enough to circle the earth one and a quarter times!
Call 1-718-928-1508 or email to find out how you can take advantage of our coffee vending services.

*Competitor prices determined by surveying chains stores and corporate coffee vendors serving New York City in January 2010.

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