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FreshDirect - Smart & Simple 4-Minute Meals
Smart & Simple 4-Minute Meals
Perfectly Portioned Meals Bistro Chicken Meal
Created by our chefs and nutritionist, our popular Smart & Simple meals are made up of smart nutrition that's simply delicious. In these perfectly portable and portion-controlled meals, we use a satisfying combination of wholesome fresh vegetables, great grains and noodles, herbs, spices and portioned servings of meat and seafood.
Each Meal Features
• A balance of proteins, vegetables and grains
• Less than 500 calories
• No hydrogenated oils
• Low cholesterol
• Nutritious fresh vegetables
• Just enough salt (300-900 mg sodium per serving)
• See the nutrition panel on individual product pages for specific information on each meal

Smart & Simple Frozen Meals
Smart. Simple. Frozen. Delicious. Creole Chicken & Rice Meal
Delicious, balanced meals ready when you are! Now you can enjoy nutritious, portion-controlled Smart & Simple meals fresh from your freezer. Created by Chef Tina Bourbeau and approved by Nutritionist Maggie Moon, MS, RD, our Smart & Simple Frozen Entrees are big on flavor, but not on calories.
All 11 mouth-watering meals are less than 500 calories, made with the highest-quality ingredients and frozen just in time to lock in flavors. From creamy Chicken & Goat Cheese Pasta to colorful Whole Grains & Veggie Pilaf, you've never had frozen diet food that tastes this good.

About the Chef
Chef Tina Bourbeau
Chef Tina Bourbeau was the first female chef at Nobu Next Door and has spent more than a decade cooking in New York's finest kitchens. Alongside top chefs, Bourbeau learned time-tested techniques from the world's most sophisticated cuisines.

Chef Bourbeau's substantial experience began in the various kitchen stations at Oceana. Later, she worked her way up at C.T. until she became Chef Claude Troisgros' Sous Chef. From there, Bourbeau moved to Nobu for two years before being appointed Head Chef at Nobu Next Door. She assisted Chef Laurent Tourondel in opening Cello and, recently, ran operations at Nicole's as Executive Chef.

Now she brings her culinary expertise to our kitchen.

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