Heritage Kulfi Ice Cream, Pistachio

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Heritage Kulfi Ice Cream, Pistachio
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Contains Peanuts, Contains Tree Nuts, Contains Milk, Contains Pistachios

Salted California pistachios in pistachio cream. Growing up, all desserts were sprinkled with pistachios. Pistachios make even the most decadent foods better and are the perfect adornment for a special treat. We think pistachios deserve their own spotlight and make for an especially decadent ice cream. We take care to use fresh, all-natural pistachios at every step of the cooking process. Our California pistachios are roasted and salted to bring out the rich and nutty flavor that pairs so well with cream. This ice cream sustains pistachio flavor throughout and is punctuated with chopped pistachios to give a nice crunch. Pistachio is our founder's favorite flavor! (from Heritage Kulfi)