Heritage Kulfi Ice Cream, Saffron

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Heritage Kulfi Ice Cream, Saffron
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Contains Milk

Premium saffron threads steeped in sweet cream. Saffron is the ultimate luxury. Treated with the utmost respect from the flowers where it grows to the tiny tins and jars tucked safely in the pantry, saffron is the crowning jewel of cooking. A splash of dissolved saffron threads finishes off biryani, and generous pinches of saffron underscore the love in a homemade tahdig. Our saffron ice cream is an elegant exhibition of this extraordinary ingredient. We source the highest quality premium saffron threads, which are handpicked from crocus flowers. These threads are steeped in a proprietary process for the perfect amount of time and at the perfect temperature to draw out saffron's color and depths of flavor. Saffron has a complicated and refreshing taste, like lemongrass and honey. It is earthy, sweet, and slightly floral. Our Saffron ice cream is very simple, because saffron itself is simply perfect. (from Heritage Kulfi)