Heritage Kulfi Ice Cream, Cardamom Chai

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Heritage Kulfi Ice Cream, Cardamom Chai
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Contains Milk

Assam black tea leaves steeped in sweet cream with cardamom and cloves. There is nothing like the feeling of homemade chai. We use the chai recipe that we grew up making for loved ones to make this ice cream. Our approach to chai is sweet and uses warming spices like green cardamom seeds and handpicked cloves on a background of Assam black tea. Our Cardamom Chai ice cream is unique, because the tea and spices are steeped for the perfect amount of time at the perfect temperature, just like a cup of homemade chai. All our tea flavors, including Earl Grey, use this proprietary steeping process. What better pairing could there be for the happiness of ice cream? We love this comforting combination. (from Heritage Kulfi)