Red Velvet NYC Sugar Cookie Tree Kit

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Makes 36 cookies

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Red Velvet NYC Sugar Cookie Tree Kit
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Contains Soy, Contains Milk, Contains Wheat, Contains Eggs

Ready in 80 minutes

Always a favorite on holiday tables, sugar cookies look especially cheerful with this festive stacked display. Red Velvet Baking Kits make home baking easy, convenient, and fun! Learn how to make impressive, bakery quality cookies! Includes all the pre-measured ingredients, plus a six star cookie cutter set, parchment paper, and a disposable piping bag. (from Red Velvet NYC) Skill Level: 1 out of 3 Equipment You'll Need: Medium Bowl Whisk Large Bowl Electric Mixer Spatula Plastic Wrap 2 Baking Sheets Rolling Pin Metal Spatula Tablespoon Scissors From Your Pantry: 1 Egg