Just FreshDirect Local Organic Small Farmer's Eggs

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Why We Love Them: Exclusively sold at FreshDirect, these organic eggs are referred to as pullet eggs — laid by young chickens, they're smaller in size with firm and creamy yolks and fluffier whites, making them a farmer family favorite. We've sourced our organic eggs directly from the Alderfer family farm in Pennsylvania, where the hens are cage free and veggie fed with access to the outdoors and natural sunlight in their barns. The hens that produce Just FreshDirect organic eggs are: Only fed 100% organic grains, most milled right on the same farm. Never fed animal fats, hormones or GMOs. Provided free space to roam, roost and nest. Cared for in a natural and healthy environment and therefore do not need antibiotics or medication.

Just FreshDirect Local Organic Small Farmers Eggs