Yumble Kids' Meal, Chicken Marinara & Alfredo

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Contains Milk, Contains Eggs

Do your kids want red pasta sauce for dinner? Or maybe they want white pasta sauce for dinner? No problem! Our Chicken Marinara and Alfredo kids' dinner is the go-to picky eater pleaser because it has both! Featuring our red veggie pasta sauce with carrot and butternut squash puree and white cheese sauce with cauliflower puree, the gluten-free Chicken Nuggets Marinara and Alfredo kids' dinner has the organic and vegetable ingredients you'll love and the flavors and colors they're craving. At Yumble, we make kids' dinner fun and easy with fully cooked and wholesome versions of kids' favorite dinners. (from Yumble)

Yumble Kids Meal, Chicken Marinara & Alfredo