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    Our Cheese Shop

    Popular Cheese Popular Cheese
    Go-to cheese, great for everyday eating.

    Mozzarellas Mozzarellas
    Cow's-milk mozzarella to "mozzarella di Bufalo."

    New & Notable New & Notable
    Selected for impeccable quality and seasonality.

    Parmesan & Grating Parmesan & Grating
    Aged for concentrated flavor; ideal for grating.

    Cheddars & Jacks Cheddars & Jacks
    From rustic, sharp Cheddars to mellow Jacks.

    Deli & Slicing Deli & Slicing
    Sandwich stackers and simple snack cheeses.

    Brie & Friends Brie & Friends
    Rich and simple, wrapped in velvety white rinds.

    Light & Soy Light & Soy
    From nutty to sharp, and sweet to tangy.

    Chèvres & Goats Chèvres & Goats
    Cheese with the tangy flavor of fresh goat's milk.

    Goudas Goudas
    Some of the best-loved meltable, nutty cheese.

    Swiss & Alpine Swiss & Alpine
    Cheese from the Alps with delicious, nutty flavor.

    Stinky Stinky
    Strongly fragrant with gentle, buttery flavors.

    Blues Blues
    Creamy or searingly sharp, all with blue-cheese bite.

    Sheeps Sheeps
    Cheese with the rich aroma of hay & fresh milk.

    Fetas Fetas
    Crumbly shepherd's cheeses, salty and rich.

    Semi-Soft Semi-Soft
    Supple cheese, both creamy and complex.

    Fresh & Soft Fresh & Soft
    Simple, young and sweet cheese without rinds.

    Cheese Plates Cheese Plates
    These perfect pairings are ideal for parties!

    Firm Firm
    Carefully aged to develop complex flavors.

    Packaged Cheese Packaged Cheese
    Top brands of shredded cheese and more.

    Cheese: MANAGER

    23 years bringing the best specialty products to fine markets such as Gourmet Garage, Food Emporium, Zabar's, Citarella, and Fairway Markets.

    Learn More about Ken.

    Click to see Ken's top picks.

    Cheese by Region
    Cheese by Region

    Cheese Partners
    Cheese Partners

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