Bernard Chamfort Côtes du Rhône

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2021, Grenache, Syrah, France

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Bernard Chamfort Côtes du Rhône
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The Bernard Chamfort wine estate in the village of Sablet in the heart of Côtes du Rhône has been handed down from father to son for generations. Today it is managed by Romain and Thibaut Chamfort who are maintaining the family's land according to age-old traditions. Their commitment and passion has encouraged them to convert the vineyards to organic growing principles. This red Côtes du Rhône is a very pleasant wine for all occasions, being well-suited to all courses, from the beginning to the end of the most elaborate dinner. With a beautiful, strong, red color, perfectly poised between its youthful aromas and its aging ones, this is a full-bodied wine at the height of its power and elegance. Enjoy as an aperitif with chorizo and olives, with a leg of lamb, and soft cheese like ricotta and brie served with honey and nuts. (from the vintner)