Kriya Organic Montepulciano D'Abruzzo

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2021, Montepulciano 100%, Italy

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Kriya Organic Montepulciano D'Abruzzo
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Vigna Madre means "Mother Vine", this is the name that Giannicola Di Carlo gave to his Estate because the entire property is certified organic and the winery itself has been built following "Bio-Architecture" principles. For the Di Carlo family, every aspect of the business must be in total respect of Mother Nature and the people that live on it. The vineyards are grown using the most restricted organic procedures, the wine is made following the biodynamic rhythms and the winery has been built to be the perfect environment not only for the wine but also for the people working in it. Natural sunlight is forced down to the heart of the winery, bright colors are used underground to stimulate workers chakras, classical music is played in the barrel room to improve the aging of the wine. This wine is also Vegan because they don't use any casein, albumin or bone gelatin to refine or to filter the wine. On the palate this organic wine is harmonious, round and easy to drink. Perfect with pizza, pasta, mature cheeses, grilled and roasted meats, and barbeque. (from the vintner)