Pierre Ferrand Ambre Grand Champagne Cognac

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Pierre Ferrand Ambre Grand Champagne Cognac
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The vines that give Pierre Ferrand Cognac its distinctive style are planted in the heart of Grande Champagne, considered the Premier Cru de Cognac. The extremely chalky soil of the rolling landscape gives the grapes the qualities and the necessary acidity to make very good wines that will produce very fine cognacs. Pierre Ferrand cognacs are distilled slowly, in small pot stills. They owe their personality to more than just terroir, grapes, distillation, casks or slow aging. They also derive their distinctive character from the subtle and precise art of blending. Perfectly blended combinations of complimentary spirits come together in perfect harmony to create an incomparable cognac. The Ambre is pure warm comfort with a rich, glowing golden amber color. Mellow, rounded, richly aromatic and redolent of prunes, apricots and peaches, this exquisite Cognac has surprisingly little wood evident. Instead there is a hint of light spicy cinnamon and a whisper of vanilla complemented by a note of roses and a whiff of fresh fruit and almond/marzipan pastries baking in the oven. Pierre Ferrand Ambre is fresh and well-balanced on the palate. (from Pierre Ferrand)