Urban Mosel Riesling (Nik Weis Selection)

750ml $22.65/l

2022, 100% Riesling, Germany

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Urban Mosel Riesling (Nik Weis Selection)
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Nik Weis, owner and winemaker of Germany's renowned St. Urbans-Hof has sourced the best quality wines from neighboring vineyards to produce Urban Riesling, a new wine with traditional roots. The Nik Weis Selection label attests to the fact that the wine has met Nik's rigorous standards and reflects the traditional taste profile of top-quality Mosel Riesling wine. Brilliant fruit and Mosel-slate mineral flavors, lively acidity and ripe floral aromas. This richly concentrated Riesling calibrates juicy sweet peach and honey flavors with an invigorating crush of lemon-lime acidity. It's an irresistibly fruity yet refreshing wine at an exceptional value price. Enjoy with grilled shrimp, sashimi, sushi, ancho chillies. (from the vintner)