Domaine Le Garrigon Organic Côtes du Rhône

750ml $23.99/l

2022, Grenache 60%, Carignan 30%, Syrah 10%, France

Domaine Le Garrigon Organic Côtes du Rhône
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Why are the wines of Domaine Le Garrigon Côtes du Rhône so enchanting? Perhaps it's the blend of grapes: the spiciness of Syrah, the peppery Grenache, and the licorice of Carignan. Or maybe it's the fact that Daniel Couston and his family have cultivated their vineyards organically with care since 1997. The Garrigon Côtes du Rhône is a purple colored wine with alluring aromas of black currant and violets. This juicy red has tender tannins and fresh acidity that make it perfect for mild cheeses, grilled meats and vegetables, tomato-based sauces and Indian food.