Maris Zulu Organic Syrah, No Added Sulfites

750ml $26.65/l

2020, Syrah 100%, France

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Maris Zulu Organic Syrah, No Added Sulfites
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Château Maris is now a 79-acre estate divided into a multitude of small vineyards on the hillside above the village of La Liviniere, the first Cru Classe of the Minervois, in the Languedoc region. We have been certified by Ecocert since 2002, Biodyvin since 2004, Demeter since 2008 and BCorps since 2016. Thanks to biodynamic methods, our vines are now healthier and grow longer — and the quality of grapes is better. Biodynamics takes a radically different approach. It could be described as a holistic, 'supercharged organic' approach to winemaking. We believe that our methods produce the finest possible wines in the very best environment. We were the first estate in the AOC Minervois La Liviniere to be fully certified biodynamic and we are proud that our way of working will help secure the beauty of this place for generations to come. "Zulu" contains only four parts per million of Sulfites (only naturally occurring). It's an elegant Syrah from the South of France with notes of red berries and spice. It pairs well with salad, gazpacho or poultry. (from the vintner)