Layer Cake Malbec

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2021, Malbec, Argentina

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Layer Cake Malbec
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Big, brooding, black fruit, then rich earth, truffles and dark cocoa are at the front. The Sea of Stones vineyard is at its core, always evident with the thread of minerality that the deep alluvial cobblestones lend. This wine is elegant in the mouth with fresh-picked blackberries, simmering chocolate sauce on the stove, and somewhere someone's cooking many layers, so little time. Drinking a bottle of this wine will certainly lead to, well, opening another. Enjoy with pizza, hamburgers, BBQ and Mexican food. The fruit for Layer Cake Malbec comes from a vineyard that is flanking the Mendoza River in Argentina — a rocky terrain, strikingly similar to that of Chateauneuf du Pape in the Rhône Valley. The once 5-mile wide Mendoza River is now mostly vineyard, abundant with some of Argentina's most pristine Malbec vines. A plethora of smooth cobbles on the top bewilders the eye and imagination as to how the vines actually thrive in such a rugged terrain. Silt and gravel make up the subsoil under the larger cobbles. The vineyard sits at an elevation of about 3,000 feet. (from the vintner)