Nicolas Girard Sancerre Pinot Noir Rosé

750ml $37.32/l

2022, Pinot Noir, France

Nicolas Girard Sancerre Pinot Noir Rosé
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Nicolas Girard is one of the rising stars in Sancerre. Although he works with his father Alain on the family estate, he also owns five acres of vineyard that he's been using to make wine on his own since 2006. We've been lucky to secure an allocation of this fabulous rosé for the US. This elegant pinot noir rosé is a bright raspberry color with a refreshing yet delicate nose of red berries. On the palate elegant red fruit flavors (strawberries, raspberries, and cherries) are complemented by savory notes. This dry rosé can be enjoyed on its own or with summer salads, chicken dishes, and salmon. (from the vintner)