Dom Pérignon Champagne Brut

750ml $358.67/l

2013, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, France

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Dom Pérignon Champagne Brut
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The quintessential prestige cuvée Champagne. On the nose, the immediate impression is of the mildness of the pure, airy, bright bouquet. A floral, fruity pastel tone then unfolds and quickly darkens into candied fruit, ripe hay and toasted notes, along with hints of licorice. On the palate, the wine's opulence — contained and succulent, round at heart — reveals itself in the mouth. The envelope slides and stretches, and the wine becomes more complex and edgy, silkier than it is creamy. Complex and layered with scents of corn silk, white mushrooms and pale red fruit, this is a study in contrasts: grand and austere, honeyed and dry. It's not one thing, but all things Champagne, high in freshness, ethereal in its mineral refinement. Dom Pérignon pairs beautifully with seafood and fish such as oysters, scallops, and sea bass; and meats such as veal, quail, and foie gras. It also pairs well with cheese such as parmesan, vegetables such as leeks, truffles, and mushrooms, and herbs and spices including ginger, cumin, and saffron. (from the vintner)