Goisot Organic Bourgogne Aligoté

750ml $34.65/l

2022, Aligoté 100%, France

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Goisot Organic Bourgogne Aligoté
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Guilhem and father Jean-Hugues Goisot, like all top vignerons in France, recognize that great wine comes from great viticulture, and they work tirelessly in the vines to ensure that their parcels are as well treated as is possible. Their viticulture is certified biodynamic, with great pains taken to produce as natural an environment for the vines, with a particular goal of stimulating the natural defenses of the vines against disease and depredation. Goisot Bourgone Aligote is produced from 6.3 hectares of vines on high, cool slopes located in the lieux dits of Croix Rougeot, Belle Croix, Cote de Coutance, Cornevin, Cote de la Canne and Vignes de Forterre. Vines age between 10 and 30+ years old. The vines are farmed biodynamically and grapes are harvested by hand. The wines are fermented and raised in stainless steel tanks and bottled carefully to retain as much of their purity and precision as possible. Pairs will with fish and other seafood. (from the vintner)