Château Tassin Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc Wineberry, Box

3L (3000ml)

2022, Sauvignon Blanc 85%, Semillon 15%, France

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Château Tassin Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc Wineberry, Box
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It's time to think inside the box. The Wineberry Box conserves your wine from its worst enemies — air and light. This prevents oxidation and keeps your wine fresh longer. With a convenient carrying strap, there's no better wine for a party or picnic. Château Tassin is located in Rions, one of the Bordeaux's oldest medieval towns. The Gonfrier family produces the Tassin wines using sustainable agricultural practices. This straw-colored wine has a very fruity nose with aromas notably of citrus fruit and pear. Château Tassin Bordeaux Blanc is a dry white that perfectly accompanies fish and seafood, pasta with cream sauce, chicken, and fine charcuterie and sheep's milk cheese. (from the vintner)