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High Holidays Catering

Shanah Tovah! Our chef-prepared holiday meals offer a no-fuss solution to impress everyone at your table. Each entrée is oven-ready and is available a la carte or with a choice of ready-to-heat holiday sides.

Desserts and High Holiday Breads

From honey cake on Rosh Hashanah to bagels for breaking the fast, the high holidays simply wouldn't be complete without the traditional baked goods. We've gathered them all right here to help you make your celebrations complete.

Make Your Rosh Hashanah Sweeeet

Time to celebrate like it's 5780. Whether you just need extra apples and honey for good luck or have been tasked with making the year's most exceptionally epic feast, we've got your high holidays covered.

Break the Fast: Yom Kippur

If you're gonna break the fast, better make it full of the good stuff. We're talkin' bagels, lox, and all the fixin's. Have an easy fast, and then dig in!